Custom Knives Made by My Dad

September 12th, 2010

The Erin E

The Carlos

I know most of my readers probably aren’t big on hunting deer and whatnot, but I have to show you the awesome stuff my dad is up to.

When I was younger he was a construction worker, then he moved up to site supervisor of construction sites- building churches, schools, and hospitals. But then the recession hit, he had open heart surgery, and people aren’t building much right now.

So now, instead of construction, he’s making and selling these amazing knives! Check these babies out!

He made the Erin E for me, and now I get to show it off to the world. :)

I’m so dang proud of him. He absolutely loves making these knives, and I just want to help him so he can make a living doing something he loves. It’s like making someone’s dream come true. What greater blessing could there be?

He has a bunch more at his website, Also, you may be interested to know that I designed the website for him. :)

If you are interested in purchasing a knife, feel free to contact me. I’m sure I could get you a good deal.



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  1. Emrie on November 24, 2010 11201011America/Los_Angeles

    Sweet! You didn’t tell me dad made you a knife! It’s beautiful! Dad’s work is so amazing! One of these days I’m going to have to buy one for Matt!

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